About Us

We're dedicated to mastering the art of gardening, sustainability and living as organically as possible. 

No wallflowers, here.

My name is Susan and I'm a California native, mother of two with a full time career in IT.  A 6th in LA is what we call our tiny plot of land.

We live and work in the heart of LA in an area called Eagle Rock. We have longer term goals to do more homesteading and perhaps eventually be able to sustain ourselves completely from our yard. 


Here we grow food for ourselves and our flock of chickens. It started out simple enough and is now a full time garden. We grow beans for freezing, drying and eating fresh. As well as potatoes, herbs, tomatoes for canning, salsa, ketchup etc. 

The players:

Susan: matriarch, Mumma, head gardener. 

Mr. Shep: tool man, Mr. Fix it, My better half.

Toot toot: eating what Mumma plants

Lil Man: He loves the garden, if it has video games in it.

A 6th in LA​